BannerFrame Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will BannerSpring work on all Sizes and types of wall and sign surfaces? 

A: YES. From tiny 4x8 banners to 14x48 and 16x68 wallscapes and billboards and even round vinyls, BannerSpring is designed to work easily on all areas that would accommodate vinyl and PE signage. Great in open frame areas as well as on walls or even over existing sign faces. The compact design of BannerSpring enables a tight installation for your vinyls while remaining fairly obscure. Adding BannerFrame to the perimeter of the display is an easy way to completely hide the springs while creating an even better signage experience. BannerSpring and BannerFrame provide outstanding installations on all sign surfaces from large wallscapes, to small point of purchase displays. 

Q: How difficult is it to install the BannerSpring and BannerFrame systems? 

A: Very easy, in most cases, a cordless drill, proper screws and tape measure is all that is required. 

Q: Is the BannerSpring and BannerFrame system eco-friendly? 

A: Absolutely, BannerSpring and BannerFrame enable banners to last much longer and to even become permanent signage solutions. Easy rotation and re-use of vinyl mean that “One and done” does not have to apply when using the system. 

Q: Is BannerSpring/BannerFrame durable and maintenance free? 

A: Yes. Designed for and used on large high-rise billboards, BannerSpring has stood the test-of-time. Made in Ohio entirely of durable engineered Stainless Steel, each BannerSpring is an independent member of an overall system of springs with no plastic components whatsoever. While we have not seen a spring failure in over two years of use, each piece is easily replaceable simply by changing out an individual spring. You can expect long trusted service whether changing banners frequently or maintaining the same vinyl for extended periods. 

Q: Do BannerSpring and BannerFrame require grommets on our banners or special perimeter finishing? 

A: Absolutely not, BannerSpring only requires very limited protrusions into the perimeter of the banner surface. Each spring has a padded hook tip that prevents rips while holding the vinyl banner extremely close and tight to the wall or sign surface resulting in maximum vinyl life span. 

Q: Are there any special requirements when having banners printed? 

A: No. While you could have your banner vendor pre-punch perimeter holes to our specifications, you can easily do the job yourself with our SpringGrab tool. Lind Outdoor orders and uses vinyls and banners from many vendors each of whom have their own designated systems. The beauty of the BannerSpring system is that it works with EVERY banner type and finishing technique on the market. 

Q: What is the typical prep time and process for each banner installation? 

A: None, drop shipped banners for local and national clients go directly from the shipping box to installation location with absolutely no prep time. No gripper bars, cables, grommets or clips. Just the installer using the tools mentioned above. 

Q: Can Banners be easily changed or rotated and re-used with BannerSpring? 

A: Yes. The typical on premise banner display can easily rotate and change as often as desired because of the simplicity of BannerSpring and BannerFrame. Banner life is also extended as the BannerSpring requires limited protrusions into the perimeter while holding the vinyl extremely close and tight to the surface resulting in maximum banner life span. BannerFrame takes this one step further by hiding and protecting the banner perimeter. 

Q: How can BannerSpring and BannerFrame benefit Sales? 

A: Whether you are a sign industry professional or a direct user, BannerSpring and BannerFrame create revenue possibilities that are endless. From large wallscapes to small temporary banners, the system allows easy change-outs that can result in increased sales via a rotary banner program and increased sales for the end-user that enable fresh professional looking banners with seasonal up-to-date content that can pull traffic and drive sales. Tight, sag-free installations equal happy customers and clients. The ability to easily change-out banners and re-use them can result in increased banner sales and more placement options. 

Q: About what does each system cost? 

A: We use (1) BannerSpring for each corner and (1) BannerSpring each 1.5 linear feet around the perimeter. Thus a 4x8 banner would require (14) BannerSprings. At approximately $2.00 per spring, BannerSpring is not only the most effective system, it is also the most affordable to purchase, install and operate. 

Q: How would you summarize BannerSpring and BannerFrame? 

A: It really is a great product for both temporary and permanent applications. We are not aware of a better system.