Prep Banner Before Installation

1. Corner Prep (Picture A)

   a. Punch hole diagonally 1” from the corner of banner.

   b. Measure 6” from each side of the corner.

   c. Punch hole 3/4” from the edge of banner.

   d. Repeat on all corners.

2. Side Prep (Picture B)

   a. From your 6” mark, measure 12“ on each side from each corner. (Final measurements will vary depending on size of banner.)

   b. Punch hole 3/4” from the edge of banner.

   c. Continue measuring 18” & punch holes 3/4” from edge.

3. Using chalk & straight edge, mark the banner perimeter on wall.

4. At each corner, measure 2” diagonally out from chalk & drill holes. (Picture C)

5. Beginning at lower left corner, measure 6” and drill hole 1 3/4” outside of banner perimeter. (Picture D)

6. Continue drilling holes 1 3/4” outside of banner perimeter every 18inches.