January 9, 2012 

Mansfield, Ohio 

Lind Media Company introduces BannerSpring, a patent-pending breakthrough system for installing vinyl banners on walls, billboards, signage and open frame areas. 

After several years of quiet development and over three years of proven usage, BannerSpring Banner Installation System is being made available to the entire Sign and Graphics industries. Patent pending BannerSpring, a compact, durable stainless steel sign mounting and tensioning device, is expected to widely influence vinyl graphics and banner installations. 

Lind Media Company President and BannerSpring co-developer, John L. Siegenthaler said, “In operating our billboard company for over 20 years we witnessed the introduction of computer printed vinyl that has revolutionized the sign and outdoor advertising industries. Despite the continued advancement of flexible substrates over the years, we were disappointed by the lack of installation products on the market. After 15 years of widespread use, vinyl substrates, including banners are still being installed using primitive methods that include rope, grommets, bungee cords, screws/washers, and ratchet tie-downs amongst other items. Computer printed vinyl has revolutionized the sign industry, yet no consistent technique had emerged to hang vinyl signs other than those mentioned earlier.” 

Siegenthaler went on to say “After reviewing and experimenting with all installation techniques and products, we felt that we could develop a better system. We wanted an installation system that would be easy to install, easy to use, provide excellent visual installations while being the most affordable system to purchase, operate and maintain. Simplicity meant developing a system that does not require cord, clips, grommets or tie-downs. Equally important was the need for durability to assure long-term wrinkle-free, sag-free vinyl performance in all types of weather conditions. We soon discovered that engineered spring and hook technology was far superior to all other methods currently in use.” 

When asked to describe the BannerSpring Signage Installation system, Siegenthaler said “Much like the simplicity of a trampoline, BannerSprings are connected to the wall or framing area and evenly spaced around the perimeter of the banner. The vinyl installation/change-out process takes only minutes for a 4’x10’ banner and involves hooking each spring tip into the sign perimeter. The installer pulls each BannerSpring padded hook tip through small protrusions at 2’ intervals around the sign perimeter before releasing each spring to create even constant pressure while holding it tight against the wall surface. The result is a tight, professional banner installation. Further, the open hook tip of BannerSpring allows easy banner removal and change-outs while providing a durable permanent signage solution. 

Siegenthaler went on to say, “We have been utilizing BannerSpring on wallscapes, banner graphics and billboards throughout our Northern Ohio billboard network for over two years. BannerSpring has proven itself on bulletins, wallscapes and poster panels in both urban wind tunnels as well as flat high-wind rural plains. We are excited to now introduce BannerSpring Signage Installation System to the entire Sign Industry.” 

In addition to BannerSpring, Lind introduces BannerFrame, a lightweight versatile molding that enables the actual BannerSprings to be hidden from view. Patent Pending design allows easy installation and easy access to assure very fast banner installations and new banner change-outs. Siegenthaler said, “By eliminating the need for ropes, grommets, cords and other assorted installation fasteners, BannerSpring greatly enhances the visual quality of vinyl banner installations. We were so impressed with the way that BannerSpring maintained a consistent tension and tight surface that if given a picture frame-type surrounding, we thought that it could even rival the appearance of permanent signage systems. He went on to say “Our next step was to develop BannerFrame, a durable, lightweight product that provides an optional way to create a sleek, permanent look to vinyl signage while maintaining very easy access and affordability. 

For sales or other information please contact John Siegenthaler at Lind Media Company or