PosterSpring Production Information 

PosterSpring easily accepts posters from every vendor and system!

Simplicity has benefits. PosterSpring has no special requirements for poster printing, fit or finish. 

However, a great system can be made even better. For faster postings, rotation and optimal performance we suggest a few simple production guidelines: 

• Request that your vendor pre-punch or mark perimeter holes to PosterSpring specifications below. While the job can easily done by the billposter on site with the SpringGrab tool, we suggest pre-punched holes to assure uniformity, increased productivity and make a simple system even more effective.  

• Poster Finished size: 124"high x 271" wide. While Poster Spring is very effective with the standard 125” x 272”, we have found that shrinking the poster by 1” leads to a tighter, cleaner finish. 

• Longer life and more rotations are provided if your vendor stitches or reinforces the poster perimeter. 

performs extremely well with posters provided by Metromedia, Venture Printing, Kramer Graphics, Independents Service Company and National Print Group. Each provides excellent posters that install easily, display well and remaining durable enough for easy rotation. 

Circle Graphics, Venture Printing, United Graphics, Vincent, John Evans and OAI also provide posters that perform well with PosterSpring.